BHLL Divisions

BHLL offers a year-round baseball experience. We begin the year with a twelve-week season starting in April and concluding the last week of Birmingham Public Schools calendar. We offer summer baseball through competitive Tournament Teams (try-outs required) which starts in June and runs through July. Our eight-week Fall season starts the first week of school and concludes mid-October. Finally, BHLL hosts winter clinics ran by Wayne State University Baseball players.

A baseball helmet and a baseball glove are required for all skill levels. BHLL also recommends baseball cleats and an athletic cup (jock strap) for male players. Although not required, most kids prefer to have their own baseball bat (please note that only USA branded bats can be used). Team bats are available for all players during games. A full uniform is provided from the league which includes a baseball jersey, pants (spring season only), socks, hat, and belt.


Ages 4-6

All teams play two games a week. One game on Monday or Tuesday evening and one game Saturday mornings. Most games are played at Bingham Farm Elementary. Skills and competencies covered

  • Position names and locations
  • Basic fielder assignments
  • Baserunning basics
  • Batter's box orientation
  • Batting stance/grip
  • Fielding grounders
  • Proper ball grip
  • Proper throw
  • Playing catch correctly


Ages 7-8

Teams play two games per week. All games played Monday through Thursday evenings. Skills and competencies covered:

  • Improve T-Ball concepts
  • Force outs vs. tag outs
  • Intermediate base running & decisions
  • Intermediate fielder assignments
  • Basic load in sync with a live pitcher (gentle coach-pitch)
  • Defensive Situational Awareness


Ages 9-10

Minors (9-10 year olds) Teams play two games per week. All games are played either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday

evenings. Practices are Saturday or based on coaches’ availability. Skills and competencies covered:

  • Improve Youth concepts
  • Comfort with hardball
  • Kid Pitching begins in Minors
  • Catching fly balls/basic outfield skill
  • Moving to field ground balls
  • Extra base hits and base running/sliding
  • Pitch selection
  • Catcher position & safety
  • Cutoffs/relays
  • Tagging up


Ages 11-12

Teams play two games per week. All games are played on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Practices are Saturdays or based on coaches’ availability. Skills and competencies covered

  • Improve Minors concepts
  • Comfort hitting live pitching
  • Secondary leads/steals
  • Reading passed balls & batted balls
  • Improve cuts/relays
  • Intermediate catcher skills
  • Proper tagging of runners at bases
  • Reading signs
  • Managing at-bats
  • Basic pitching mechanics & grips (2-seam, 4-seam, changeup)
  • Basic OF play
  • Hierarchy of positions
  • Handling winning & losing
  • Practices start in April
  • The season finishes by the end of the school year